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Ontario County Clerk

  • Jean Chrisman


Supreme Court - 7th JD

  • Hon. Craig J. Doran

  • Hon. James A. Vazanna

  • Hon. Jason Cook

  • Hon. Alex Renzi


Ontario County District Attorney

  • Jim Ritts


Ontario County Surrogate Court 

  • Judge Fred Reed 


Ontario County Court

  • Hon. Brian D. Dennis

Ontario County Family Court 

  • Hon. Kristina A. Karle

Ontario County Sheriff

  • David Cirencione 

Ontario County Treasurer

  • Gary Baxter

Ontario County Town Supervisors  Mayors


  • City of Canandaigua - Bob Palumbo (R) Mayor 

  • City of Geneva - Steve Valentino (R)

         Second District Wards 3&4: Louis Guard

         Supervisors: First District Wards 1&2: James X. Kennedy (D)

        Third District Wards 5&6: John L. Pruett

  • Todd Campbell - Town of West Bloomfield

  • Town of Bristol - Fred Stresing (R)  

  • Town of Canadice - Chris Vastola (R)

  • Town of Canandaigua - Jared Simpson (R)

  • Town of East Bloomfield - Fred Wille (R)

  • Town of Farmington - Peter Ingalsbe (R)

  • Town of Geneva - Mark Venuti (D)

  • Town of Gorham - Dale Stell (R)  

  • Town of Hopewell - Bill Namestnik (R)

  • Town of Manchester -David Phillips (R)   

  • Town of Naples - John Cowley (D)    

  • Town of Phelps - Bill Wellman (R)

  • Town of Richmond - Daryl Marshall (R)  

  • Town of Seneca - Drew Wickham (R)

  • Town of South Bristol - Dan Marshall (R)

  • Town of Victor -  Jack Marren (R)  

  • Town West Bloomfield: Todd Campbell  

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