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Ontario County
Republican Executive Committee


Town of Bristol:  Supervisor Bob Green

Town of Canadice:  Lyn Fiegl

City of Canandaigua:  Cindy Wade/Bob Palumbos  

Town of Canandaigua:  Jared Simpson

Town of East Bloomfield:  Ron Parrish

Town of Farmington:  Michelle Finley  

City of Geneva:  Ethel Peters, Hank Roenke, Gary Baxter  

Town of Geneva:  Pat Riley

Town of Gorham:  Annie Chwiecko

Town of Manchester: Dave Phillips

Town of Naples:  Frank Mueller  

Town of Phelps:  Al Cauwels

Town of Richmond:  Mabel Storke

Town of Seneca:  Kate Silverstrim  

Town of South Bristol:  Gary Ross  

Town of Victor:  Karen Bodine

Town of West Bloomfield:  Ruth Smith

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